Eli Novemer – Tangency

~ a note ~ Hi again. I haven’t written here in some time. I’ve been travelling, in more than one sense. But I thought I might share someone else’s work before updating on mine, soon. So. Eli Novemer is the … Continue reading

Creative Thresholds – Let’s Never Talk about Love

Some time ago and from across an ocean, the brilliant editor of arts and literary blog Creative Thresholds Melissa D. Johnston asked me to share a short story with their readers. CT’s purpose, as stated on their website, is to explore the … Continue reading

Age of Carnivores

recent ly I chat with the sky mostly I don’t want answers re love you see and thank fuck atheists don’t find god in corners like First & Amistad our suicide rates are significantly higher only because statistics are unable … Continue reading


The archangel of Crete has been in my thoughts lately. Nikos Xilouris wasn’t as much a composer and singer as a manifestation of what might be collectively described as the Greek psyche. But perhaps I’m not the best to tell … Continue reading

Smoking Hot Verses

Smoking Hot Verses (or: The Things I Hide for You) Mmmkay, this is going to be self-indulgent, yes and very. If you were dropping by hoping for another post where yours truly verbally harasses all the things/people that emotionally harass … Continue reading

How to Translate Your Salmon

I know, (I swear I know) that lately my site is exhibiting rather octane mood swings: I keep switching from dead serious work to entirely ridiculous posts that are slowly (but consistently) diminishing my chances of following any career in … Continue reading

To Sink My Teeth Deep into the Sun

To Sink My Teeth Deep into the Sun Ecclesiastic lovemaking this morning I think of basilicas & thyme in other eras thoughts thalassic I’m thirsty for balconies, dawns, anything that churches the unimaginable. * Some nights I’m handsome most nights … Continue reading

Why I Feel Safe Sleeping at Night

You may (mistakenly so) think you can sleep safely at night in your warm bed, without fear of anything wild in the world, just because your door locks. Or maybe because you are the (falsely) proud owner of a stainless steel door, or … Continue reading

Marina of the Rocks (Odysseus Elytis)

So, it’s raining in London and I’m translating Elytis again because neither is news.   Odysseus Elytis Marina of the Rocks You have a taste of tempest on your lips –But where did you wander All day long in the hard … Continue reading

Let’s never talk about love

Let’s never talk about love you smile exactly like a pagoda hurricanes reach speeds of 200mph and God is extinct in bed I’m the anarchist no borders & my talk complete asyntactic instead you’re an aspirin without the g, my … Continue reading