sight test.

I went to buy new glasses today
the old ones witnessed too much
the specs assistant said these are
funky I asked do they also PMS

he didn’t get the joke
he doesn’t know you
he stared at me
I stared at you

through the window through
the rain through the city through
the country through time through
love through and through

please remove me from your poems
I’m rather not one for eternity
kickshaws in bed and
the movies

are bad for you they
make you think that
pigmentation of the
iris is more vital than
perception & that my
I’s are limerence or

(after the sight test the optician
tells me my eyes are expensive

& I think: my eyes are brown?
just not that tinge of whiskey

or blue of sky! which makes
kites palpitate quiver pulsate)

my old glasses the ones
that saw you I’ve now
placed in front of the
mirror this way you can’t
say I love you and I love
the way you write

I don’t write I touch
without touching

Kandinsky - Fragile

Kandinsky – Fragile