the days aren’t days aren’t todays wrought smiles opening up
like easter intestines under the sun and the sun isn’t a sun
isn’t your son isn’t the sum of light a planetary body frantic
revolving or an aviary folding inside all our words that flew-

the eyes aren’t eyes aren’t I’s aren’t you and I utterances of
the night isn’t our child a bird of paradise aren’t sea tides the
sides that we pick up down left and right aren’t eyes darting
charting parting isn’t a dead starling a picture of all that is sad-

the night isn’t the night isn’t tonight isn’t a fight when you
decide to explore the texture of my words with your tongue
beside lion number three in trafalgar square amid all the rain
the night isn’t a night isn’t alight isn’t the gem of a firework-

isn’t life the poetry the night the daze of a statue in flight

Kandinsky - Various Actions

Kandinsky – Various Actions