Lines you may use to win me over

Once, I wished you were so tiny I could hide you in the cavity of my tooth. 

Now there’s nothing
mysterious in China
coupling the heat
the day could be
most treasured our
secret endeavour.

For you I’d quit smoking
and become a Paul Eluard air fresh
ener, I am so so
simple, all I want from
you is

In times like these, I am the crisis and
my only country your body, if I pass
the night by it so far I’m

I know what you’re thinking,
‘are you mad, or is it
chance that I turn
my back for a second and you’ve written
an entire poetry collection.’

No you’re pronouncing it wrong here let me show you put your lips upon mine.

I can see you
wondering, it is
me, it is me the

Kandinsky - Composition IX

Kandinsky – Composition IX