What I talk about when I’m silent

The catechism of rain
on your window

that continues undeterred
is me

a narrative of weather
on my own

whether read or water

a current, parent
to words and enraptured

your cultured the vulture
that eats up my heart

coup d’ etat
in my stylar frieze

other women are
electoral bees

and your eyes
the semaphores

in my metaphors

– I’m ecstatic –

static, the impetus
of my motion

a notion, the ocean
at the end of your I

is me, it is me
you’re talking about

every when you mention
the sky

and my tongue chopped
into cubes for cooking

poetry Rubikally
exploring verse

is the synchronized ballet
of the universe

breaking up at your name
is a carnival

and the M of your lips
is a seagull in flight

and the u is a nest
for the kiss and the

you is imaginal.

what i talk about when im silent

Kandinsky – Black-red