Let’s never talk about love

you smile exactly like a pagoda
hurricanes reach speeds of 200mph
and God is extinct

in bed I’m the anarchist
no borders & my talk
complete asyntactic

instead you’re an aspirin
without the g, my you’s are reserved
for poetry

hurricanes smile exactly like you
God reaching speeds of 200mph
and pagodas are extinct

to buy the £800,000
hoover propel it screaming into a poolful of
cum by a million ejaculating men

writing is a business private I‘d
rather touch you the manner light
jumps into the eye

God smiles exactly like you
pagodas reach speeds of 200mph
and hurricanes are extinct

all this ghostwriting
has me thinking I could
big, become narrative

we’re viral cupcakes,
people, be
afraid be very afraid

exactly like a pagoda in a hurricane
your smile reaches speeds of 200mph
and, God, I’m extinct

the sky’s a coffin your eyes tickets
to nowhere and my arms

let’s never talk about
love just kiss me on the
mouth like a mandolin

lets never talk about love

Kandinsky – Striped