sure Callimachus and slender musekeeping but

that anyone could bake such potent verse
begs for breathing in the stratosphere
or like an almacantar locked in on
a churchful of planets

I’m overwintering
& getting on with my own
megalomaniac ant business

caravanseraid by your tongue bumps
can’t for the life of me figure the lyrics to Magnetic Problems
by Forbidden Tigers
which is perfect

gold floods my skull
arked, safe, cozy, inhabitant of

a truce between hansaplast and skin
listening to Kavinsky under a Kandinsky
inquiring as a mountain.

I know the exact number of brown-eyed people on the planet right now,
which parts of the body adenocarcinomas occur in most often,
how to make a football out of a coke can,
and what Douglas Adams was thinking walking down İstiklal, İstanbul in 1971.

Ed Snowden is the most important poet of our time,
Riptide smart because he sings the words wrong in the end,
4,543 billion years of a rock turning led you to reading this line,
I absolutely love
cooking badly


Kandinsky – Horizontal Blue