Don’t Bang the Drum

we won’t ever belong to this
rude life;

hadn’t you turned to silence my sovereignty that era
on that balcony in
that dark, maybe;

this contract, contact, ventifact
couldn’t arrive early enough now;

I could see the whole picture. I could see the
whole picture. Most people couldn’t.
— Ed Snowden, Five Hours with Edward Snowden

There was no meaning in the deep things we said.
confessed we’re both staring into vastness
with eyes wide open, terrified to the bone,
and would yes like some nest to spend the night in—

I recall a time when everything was profound and illegal,
that you read a poem only once,

nobody is life’s favorite child,
at best you get to be employee of the month,

so they say
made out of unobtainium
like a Banksian Orbital;

my pen loves you
and I just can’t sleep

don't bang the drum

Kandinsky – Eight Times