The Opposite of Time

Açınca gözlerimi ipe çekilmiş güneşler varsın
Edip Cansever, Gökanlam X

I will not wait
redundant dogmoon
grating Time in circles, hungry for words. Fire

fire only. Here grows
a gigantic morning
like a ship spelled by Xul Solar

that other ocean is me

with veins blue & severing the evening
with a knife’s voice precise; on my knees humble

a churchful of riot, worshipping machine gun triggers
fevers summers cancers—

imagine thunders dancing in Astrakhan
and the Caspian Sea blooming like a terrible black flower

a circus all inside your eye; no domes no canopies
just the mountainous backs of elephants, swimming dead; reverently
I will forever break each
and every working clock against the walls;

the more the pieces, the far intricate the mosaic
of my life

the opposite of time

Kandinsky – Complex Simple