Midnight Radio

The other day I woke up at random around midnight and ended up absentmindedly browsing /b/ and /lit/ when the idea occurred that I could cut out snippets of conversation and merge them into a uniform poetic context of sorts. I tried it for fun (I lead an incredibly exciting life, infused with adventure) and although this kind of experimental crap 99% of the time doesn’t do it for me this text somehow felt decent. Perhaps because of the many-voiced thing. And while I think of the result now as ‘my 4chan poem’, I don’t claim ownership of any of the words. The arrangement is mine, the title, plus one of those comments (of the 57 or so by different anons replying to an equal number of posts). The rest (and the whole, I imagine) belongs to no one.

Note: Picture quality is shitty because I chose to keep the original screenshots as I took them on my laptop and assembled them on Paint (I’m highly professional) instead of transcribing the poem like any reasonable human being would do. You’ll probably have to click on it to read.

midnight radio

midnight radio

Kandinsky – Accompanied Milieu