Arrogant & Profane / Your Cultural Manifesto / 21stC Ode / 61 / No solutions

Note: Recorded this because I read the poem in a specific way and that seemed important.

Arrogant & Profane / Your Cultural Manifesto / 21stC Ode / 61 / No solutions

I live in a shit city in a shit country on a shit continent on a shit planet; I eat shit food and drink shit energy drinks bought from shit supermarkets, I smoke shit cigarettes;

I wear shit clothes by shit brands who use shit marketing and own shit factories; I listen to
shit music by aliens, watch shit movies and shit online videos (with endless ads, of course);
I inhabit

shit bars and shit restaurants, I go to shit galleries and pretend to understand shit art
(anything for my shit soul); I walk on shit streets with shit buildings whose walls are
covered in shit tags by shit punks, meanwhile overlooked by shit CCTV cameras; I drive

to shit landscapes full of shit nature scenes (to get away from shit, when I have time for
that sort of shit); (most often) I travel on shit transportation, visit my shit bank and stand in the shit queue (that’s my hobby);

I do shit work with and for shit people and get paid shit wages, I live in a shit house with
shit neighbours that say shit things every second Tuesday; I go out

with shit people and discuss shit subjects; my education, culture and aesthetics, like
everybody’s, is shit and I paint like shit too; I post shit on my shit blog and shit readers
think I’m full of shit or tell me what a piece of shit I am (some meta shit, right here); (I
don’t even mind using the word ‘shit’ in a poem since e e cummings did, once);

I get shit emails and packaged shit in the post; I’m prescribed shit pills by shit doctors
(with pretty -but shit- secretaries) for shit conditions, I donate my shit blood every three
months and lose people to shit diseases on shit metal beds in shit hospitals;

I’m the target of mass shit politics by shit parties lusting for shit power that I learn about
from the shit news feeds of shit media; there’s shit wars and shit global crimes going on
but thank Shit-God that shit doesn’t affect me directly or I’d shit my pants, I think with my
shit logic;

I look at the shit moon every night and swim in seas full of shit in the summer, I dance
with shit robots in mysterious shit bacchanalia year-round, and shit porn doesn’t faze me
because I’m desensitized;

I have shit friendships and shit acquaintanceships, I hold hands with shit mannequins in
shit parking lots, I kiss shit mouths, I fuck shit people and I also read shit books

all which is to say

it’s a fucking miracle I love life so deeply
and that I write
so unimaginably well

arrogant & profane - your cultural manifesto - 21stC ode - 61 - no solutions

Kandinsky – Blue