? ? ?

What’s going on?!

Something’s cooking in the Melicertian corner of the world…

What is this?!

Is it shaped like… a book cover?!

(On which Dimitris shamelessly pasted question marks to create mystery?!)

Who is that short, angry guy with the net?!

And who, or what, is he hunting?!

And why?!


Is this… Is this a winged leopard?!

For real?!

Why is it so cute?!

And what is her role in the story?!

And who made these amazing illustrations since we know Dimitris can’t draw to save his life?!

We approached the writer, asking all these questions.

But he chose to be a moron about it he was very mysterious about the whole deal.

However, we do promise you to get to the bottom of this story. Soon.

…Stay tuned.