Two and a Half Lions

New poem and I’ve got the husky voice due to a summer cold so decided to take advantage of it and record. Kept the background noise in because I like it. Probably sounds better on earphones. Alekhine is pronounced the way he allegedly preferred his surname pronounced. Yes, I did a bit of research on that too. Who cares about poetry anyway.

Two and a Half Lions

Better shortchange me now that you’ve got the chance.

Tuesdays I’m gullible; study oneironautics; place my trust in
Alexandrine grammarians and hugtandalfers.

I always recite from the King James Version while shaving my face;
it’s a litany of blood, carbolic soap and naivety–
how would I aspire to be your religion otherwise?

Two and a half lions escaped the zoo and nobody said
a word about it. They hushed it up. Ferity
showed up anyway.

We’re all fulfilling our personal tragedies.
If you don’t die of cancer, you’ll die at work
in the bathroom
a scared animal

Time gushing out of you like
a huge shy flower.

Love violently or don’t at all.

My gods are neighing
clocks, turned all the way round into
                                                              my voltaic skull
                                                              (imagine a kettle brimming)
weighting future pasts
eating what the factory’s palm feeds
sleeping on rooftops.

We’re compliant terrorists;
you’ve a hectoring smile formidable
like an Alekhine chessboard setup
but unlike wise men and purists
I don’t play for the game I
play to win.

Kandinsky – Reciprocal Accords