The Underwear Thief (Short Story)

Δημήτρης Μελικέρτης

This was my first ever publication in paper, a short story titled The Underwear Thief, included in the anthology The Draft – Stories from the Warwick MA in Writing. It’s also what got me into the MA in Writing at the University of Warwick back in 2010, in the sense that it was the story I sent to be judged for entry to the course.

The Underwear Thief  revolves around a night incident in which a burglar with an unsettling fetish becomes trapped in a suicidal girl’s apartment when she returns home. Be warned, it’s kind of dark (though not in ways you might think).

Copies of The Draft, if available at the time of reading, may be found here.

However, I’ve published The Underwear Thief on this site before, therefore to find it all you have to do is click right here. Apologies for all the redirecting.

Hilariously, the format of the anthology was such that it didn’t look like:

[Author’s name]

Instead, we bypassed ‘by’, so page 31 looks like this:

So the very first ever appearance of my name on paper looked (let’s have a close-up) like this:

But that’s fine because I do steal underwear*.

On a different note, The Underwear Thief was chosen, adapted and performed by Chris Lowe the Storyteller at the 2011 Warwick Words Festival. This is a bit of a sorry recording of it, because I was operating the camera myself and I suck at filming, 100% guaranteed.

*That was a joke. Maybe. o_O

Δημήτρης Μελικέρτης